We consider this to be the jewel ofour estate. A wine coming from the best parcels of our vineryard and aged in stave-wood, oak barrels for 12 months.
It deserves to be carefully kept and ages in you cellar. The Cuvée Prestige has an astonishing structure and balance; dense colour, complex nose, powerful tannins and dark fruit flavours (blackcurrant, blackberry etc.)
The accolades of med
als in Paris and Bordeaux have confirmed our opinions of the qualities of this wine.

Cuvée Prestige.
Wines aged for 12 months in stave-wood oak barrels

Château Mercier 2006
Available October 2008
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  Château Mercier 2004

Available October 2006
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Château Mercier 2003

"Dull, Black, opaque, high intensity, sheet color, black edge, hihg viscosity - Dump, raw, muted black fruit, singular, intense aromas - Pighly extracted, rich fruit and tannin, some new oak, medium plus body, alcohol and aciduty, hard to evaluate complewity at present, slightly dry in mouth, mouth searing tannin, fair length and finish, good, if somewhat firm balance, needs time to softer."
Miachael McNeill

Gold Medal Concours Général Agricole de Paris 2005.
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  Château Mercier 2002
Une très belle maturité, homogène, des grains sains pour une longue macération ; tout était là pour un vin puissant. La robe grenat aux reflets noirâtre le confirme. Le bouquet complexe préfigure les fruits noirs, myrtille. Elégant, équilibré, puisant mais sans agressivité, le palais se révèle en une succession de sensations de plénitude sur des tanins savoureux et harmonieux. Pour les grandes occasions dans 3 à 8 ans.
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Château Mercier 2001
A nose with subtle hints of woodiness, backed by touches of strawberry and redcurrant. The crisp, clean initial taste reveals ripe, silky tannins. The woodiness is already nicely mellowed, embellished with touches of preserved fruit and spices. The round, long-lasting finish is demonstrative of the excellent balance that will be appreciated both by patient, enlightened connoisseurs and by more eager wine-lovers.
Gold Medal Concours Général Agricole de Paris in 2003.
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  Château Mercier 2000
What better way to end a century ! “The complexity, the concentration and the finesse are a sheer delight for the eye, the nose and the palate. The balance is perfect. A wine which expresses its vintage, its terroir and its superb grapes …” (Hachette Guide 2003, two stars **). Full-bodied on the palate with an elegant and above all long finish, reminiscent of very ripe stone fruit. An exceptional vintage to enchant the vast majority of wine-lovers.
** Hachette Wine Guide 2003
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Château Mercier 1999
« It is undoubtedly the finest wine in the history of the estate” (Revue des Vins de France 06/2000). We consider it is worthy repeating that comment, because it is even more true for this vintage than for the Cuvée Traditionnelle. A complex nose with fragrances of ripe fruit, fig and blackberry. The initial roundness blossoms into a full body on the palate. The fleshy rich tannins are reminiscent of the 1996 vintage. Its remarkable length makes it a perfect wine for cellaring, and worth waiting for over at least 3 to 6 years.
Bronze Medal concours des Vins d'Aquitaine à Bordeaux in 2000
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  Château Mercier 1998
« It's an attractive, well-made wine, full-bodied and very fruity”. A powerful, clean, already complex nose of soft fruit with a touch of smokiness. A distinctive initial taste, well-balanced and full-bodied on the palate. The powerful texture ensure a long finish. A great year to be laid down and enjoyed with game and strong cheese. The fullness of its initial bouquet is already there, but will benefit from another two to three years for optimal enjoyment.
** Hachette Wine Guide 2000
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