Dry white

Dry white aged in barrels 2005
A wine vinified and aged for 8 months in new oak barrels. A beautiful golden, straw - yellow colour. Strong aromatic expression: white fruit, citrus fruit and fresh bread with a finish of roasted almonds. Very full-bodied and long on the palate. Ideal to accompany fish, panned foie gras, fermented cheeses or ice desserts.
  Dry white 2006
A pale yellow colour with flashes of green. The initial aromas are essentially floral, followed by a tropical touch with passion fruit and guava. Crisp, fresh and supple on the palate, with a hint of Muscat and toast. Ideal to stimulate the appetite before being served with seafood, fish, sea bass accompanied by morels and green asparagus.

Clairet (rosé)    

Bordeaux Clairet (Rosé) 2006
A lively, excitingly fresh colour. A nose of wild strawberries and soft fruit. Immensely appealing on the palate thanks to a fine combination of charm and liveliness, with a lasting finish of fruity aromas. To be enjoyed chilled with light meals, kebabs, grills, piperade, cold cuts and cold dishes.