The moderating influence of the nearby estuary helps in major changes in climatic conditions. Our gentles slopesalso assist in draining excess rainfull away from the vines.

The land slopes face south and west ensuring a good sun exposure especially later in the day when the sunlight and warmth is at its best.
The clayey-gravely soil, deep and well drained, encourages good rooting, which, in turn, regulates growth and quality.

Soil and petiole analysis is performed on samples from each parcel of land. This enables accurate and minimal additions of fertilisers, just enough to correct for soil imbalance.

All our vines are grafted onto low-vigour rootstock and are chosen to match the particular soils as well as the type of grape variety to be grown.
To add complexity and reflect the 'style' of our wines, the wines are made from a blend of grape varieties.
Red wine varieties are planted on 21.50 ha as follows :
Merlot : (50 %) produces a brightly coloured wine, fruity aromas and fine and fleshy tannins.
Cabernet sauvignon : (20%) Produces intense colour wines, rich in solid tannins with long ageing potential.
Cabernet Franc : (20%) Produces wine close to cabernet sauvignon but is more supple and delicate.
Malbec (also known as Cot) : (10%) is an old vine variety producing delicate and intense wine.

White wine varieties planted on 1.50 ha are :
Sauvignon : (60%) wine with a golden colour, sometimes tinges of green, fresh aromas of flowers and exotic fruits.
Sémillon : (20%) wine with rich and complex aromas, soft, rich and honeyed.
Muscadelle : (20%) Scented rich wine with some Muscat aromas.