MATURITY : Wine is made with the experience of a life's work
from the fruit of a year's work!

At the end of August, weekly grape samples are taken from each parcel. The acid and sugar are noted and when the optimum balanceis achieved the grapes are at their maturity.

We also make personal observations :
* The taste of the grapes
* The seeds
* The colour of the skin
* By crushing a grape and noting that an easy release of colour will idicate a good maturity of tannins

Also we can see that the grapes are ready by another methode - a kick on the vine stock will cause a significant number of grapes to fall when maturity has been reached.

Good wine is only made with healthy grapes, so care must be taken to prevent rot and produce the cleanest grapes possible for harvest.

Good weather is also necessary for the harvest, by consulting the weather forecasts we are able to plan picking during dry periods.

Our mechanised harvester is invaluable when the harvesting time arrives. If the weather is changeable large amounts of grapes can be picked in the shortest time. Picking by machine enable us to rapidly bring the grapes into the winery to avoid any deterioration before the winemaking starts.